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Approved study plan of Master Theses. See Property:Approved

A Semantic Approach for context-aware Authorization in Enterprise SystemsHans Martin Sydskogen FolkesethApproved
Air quality recommender system for commutingEivind EngesæterApproved
Ant Colonization Optimisation Algorithm for knowledge-based LearningRobin Garen AabergApproved
Content Delivery Networks for InfoInternet DeploymentsN.n.Approved
Evaluation of the usability of low-cost sensors for public air quality informationRozina DongolApproved
Measurable security and privacyN.n.Approved
Node energy consumption variations with WirelessHART and RPL in a Wireless Sensor NetworkSimon Vedel JohansenApproved
Pervasive computing in smart electricity gridKaniz Fatema TulyApproved
Robot-assisted therapy for rehabilitation treatmentBjørn Olufsen
Tormod Vaular
Self Organizing Networks (SON)Animut D. TsegayeApproved
Simulation of subsea communication networksHåvard AustadApproved
Spoof proof CSAC SMACC - a spoofing resilient GPS clockAril SchultzenApproved
The effect of digitisation in the construction industry, applied to a specific caseKamalan RashasinghamApproved