BG:Facebook and Google Login

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Title Facebook and Google Login
Type functionality
Severity 4-enhancement
Keywords Facebook, Google Plus
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/06/02
Expected Version v2.8
Status Solved&Tested, Answer
Summary (1-2 lines): Users with Facebook or Google can use their social login for access to the InnoBors
Test Procedure: Use Facebook account and Google account for login to InnoBors

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Users should be allowed to use their Facebook or Google login for accessing the InnoBors (similar to LinkedIN)



Q: I need an email address of Movation for development purpose. This is because, for facebook or linkedin authentication, it requires to register the application information in those site and get some access key to use their authentication system. Currently for linkedin authentication i have get the access key using my own linkedin account and developing the facebook authentication using my facebook account. So it will be better to give me an email account so that i can use it in those application.
A: Use:
Q: from Josef: Can you set up the login such that a user is automatically logged-in when coming to the site? Google uses it, Facebook uses it, we should have it. Whenever you visit you should see "Josef Noll" as logged in user. Possible? When?