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Title Facebook page
Type change request
Severity 3-normal
Keywords Facebook
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/12/15
Expected Version v3.3
Status Answer, New
Summary (1-2 lines): Created an own Facebook page taylored to increase the distribution in social medi.
Test Procedure:
News: Design is missing. We will ask Jørn Bräuner (Redlineweb) for the specs of the social media page.

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We would like to have a facebook page for the InnoBors. The Facebook page should use the "standard" facebook layout (thus we need a modification of the existing layout towards Facebook).

Two major changes:

  • No login required, we know who the person is (from Facebook) - please ensure :-)
  • We need a link to the normal InnoBors version
  • Donation - here we might need to "get the email address from the user"


Q; To Gunnar: Who is going to make the layout for the Facebook page? Robert?
A; From Gunnar: I have asked Robert to do the Facebook design, but first he must do the version 2.0 of Crowdfunding (the automatic way of "paying") and after that then Payment of Public (Noted) (NOK 2.500) /Listed (NOK 25.000). Robert is designing version 2 this days.
A; Jørn is coming up with a strategy for facebook
Q; To Tawhid: Have you ever created a facebook page? We use an "iFrame" to start with, but would like to have a more tight integration: ...
A; it is a normal web page, which is linked into Facebook through an iFrame.
A; In order to achieve the, we need 25 "like" from our friends.