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How to establish an excellent proposal

1) establish a paragraph on our BasicInternet:Ongoing

  • Header with title - who will lead the work - deadline
  • add call URL and main objectives
 == ICT works - Covid-19 response - Wisam - 31May2020 ==

Deadline: 31May2020 Grant funding and equity investment levels are:
* New Ideas with Proof of Concept: US$50,000-100,000 Grants (could be suitable for us)
* Capacity Building in Technology and Innovation: US$100,000-150,000 Grants (could be suitable for us)

2) perform a thorough review of the objectives

What is the call text asking for?

  • list our idea of a core objective
  • think about whom to involve Company: we will involve a company // Foundation: us to lead // NGO: collaboration with Red Cross, Kirkens nødhjelp, Plan - African Child // Academic: University of Oslo....

3) Establish a folder on owncloud

Establish a folder on owncloud with all call text documents (.pdf), and a 00Readme.txt with the main info

Proposal folder containing 00Readme.txt with main info

4) Establish the Template as GDocs

  • Create a GoogleDocs (GDocs) file with the template
  • share with BasicInternet (group) and "everyone with the link can edit" (easier to invite people)
  • Start writing by breaking each sentence down to a %what is asked, followed by our idea

Example of how to convert the call text:
Please specify key outputs and outcomes of the proposed capacity building intervention, describing its intended impact on the various elements of the STI ecosystem? How will impact be measured? How many people or institutions do you expect to impact directly and indirectly in the short, medium and long term? What sort of capacity improvements would the intervention provide?

% specify key outputs and outcomes of the proposed capacity building intervention
O1: Digital Innovation Lab
O2: Connectivity of 10 schools

%Intended impact on the various elements of the STI ecosystem
I1 addressing pupils: increase the interest for STI education
I2 for teachers: establish digital content, and see the benefit of STI in education of courses

5) Print and save to owncloud

After submission, make a copy of the proposal with all submitted documents and place it on owncloud

Lessons learned Proposal Writing

this sections summarises the lessons learned from participating in Norad proposals

Outcome focus: Results framework

Norad has the focus on additional documents, including

  1. Results framework
  2. Implementation plan
  3. Budget

Start withe the results framework, and have an idea on what you want to achieve. Then, address what needs to be done in the implementation plan (with start and end dates). Ask yourself if the partners are able to perform the task, or if you have to bring on board other partner (or kick-out those who can't contribute to the goal). Finally, map the budget to the activities