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I4PS SchoolConnectivity Dec2020
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BasicInternet:I4PS SchoolConnectivity Dec2020

Title BasicInternet:I4PS_SchoolConnectivity_Dec2020
Date, Time 2020/12/01, 1300-1345h Oslo time
Contact Person Nazar Nicholas
Participants Josef.Noll, Nazar Nicholas, Catherine R. Kimambo, Kelvin Massawe, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords School Connectivity, I4PS
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Purpose and action items

The purpose of the meeting was the follow-up of the School Connectivity November meeting and follow-up the action items, addressing the topics for School Connectivity

Status and follow-up:

  1. Create the MoU to describe our goals and expectations
    Updated MoU will come by end of this week
  2. Discuss Content on the InfoSpot
    - Nazar is in contact with TZ Institute for education to get offline access to the online library
    - Teaching aid for teachers
    - Syllabi (Syllabus) information for children
    - other content like Ubongo Kids Ubongo kids are education animators making it simple for kids to understand educative conten. Their materials are based on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and more
  3. Wisam (@BasicInternet) will send one InfoSpot som proof of concept now, and extend with another 4 sets, such that ISOC TZ can establish 5 schools with access to Internet
    - Nazar to send the coordinates of the school to connect
  4. Assessment of the expected outcome of school connectivity. Criteria are e.g. access, costs, Quality of Experience (QoE)
    - The principle discussion is how much relevant information we can provide on the school server, such that the amount of information on the network can be minimised
  5. Involve Kelvin as being the ISOC engineer to go through Solutions and the How To as a preparation for installation.
    - Kelvin has full understanding of the technology.
    - Nazar talks to the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology on establishing a competence centre for configuration (see 6).
    - Have a collaboration with Catherine R. Kimambo (African Child) on details of installation.
  6. Discuss how ISOC Tanzania & Basic Internet can work together on courses and online training
    - Nazar introduced Program Roots and Shoots to African Child and Basic Internet. Roots and Shoots was established in 1991 and is present in 140 countries globally. They deal with young people and mainly school programs. It has the potential for collaboration due to the need for education content and school program
    - Further more the Jan Goodall Institute (JGI) is a good partner for conservation issues such as soil erosion, where Internet of Things (IoT) can help in measuring, modelling and data collection.

The National Knowledge Portal for Tanzania

BasicInternet introduced the National Knowledge Portal for Tanzania, addressing the necessary elements for digital transformation:

  1. The need for trusted information on health, education, agriculture and other areas
  2. Data Innovation and Governance- This will look into creating data that is value-based in Tanzania and its communities, as well as the entry point for innovations through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  3. Access/Availability- This is through easy regulations- enabling free (zero-rated) access to the National Knowledge Portal as basis for every network provision

The Basic Internet Foundation is also a part of the Vision2030 Informative Dialogue, Visjon_2030_Formativ_Dialog_Nov2020 bringing all funding agencies and political actors to the table. During this meeting, COSTECH by Dr. Salha Kassim was invited to share the insight of digital development in Tanzania, and asked for an update of our activities.

Next Meeting: 14Jan2021 1500-1600h TZ time

Background information

Starlink connectivity, offering 99 USD/month, see

  • 99 USD/month - not really cheap, but when we can use it to feed a village, then it is absolutely affordable - Perhaps we need to "rephrase" the BasicInternet Model - building a community network and then sharing with schools/communities - and with "Internet Lite for free" for all.

Sustainable Business Models for Access and Content

InfoSpot provided by the Basic Internet Foundation:

Courses and knowledge exchange: