BasicInternet:India collaboration Jun2017


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BasicInternet:India collaboration Jun2017

Title BasicInternet:India_collaboration_Jun2017
Place ITS
Date, Time 2017/06/25, 2200-2300
Contact Person Sudhir Dixit
Participants Josef.Noll, Jim Forster, Sudhir Dixit
related to Project Basic Internet, DigI
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Notes from Jim:

  • AirJaldi report we did on our project in Harisal, Maharastra. 
  • press release from Economic times, Maharashtra to have India’s first ideal digital village, by KRISHNA THEVAR: [1]
  • based on experienced 30% downtime of national fibre network
  • Video on "first digital village" from with Microsoft’s Prashant Shukla.


  • Emphasis is on affordability.  WiFi hot spot prices: Rs50 (0.7€) for 1GB, or Rs250 (~3.5€) for 20GB. 

Other activities

  • MWINGO - Kenia deploying “Free Wifi”

Lessons learned and way ahead

  • Information (text, pictures, local video)
  • call it Communication and other value-added-information, not amusement Amusement (video, streaming, ….)

Our (BasicInternet) wish for collaboration:

1. common vision towards Digital India
2. ramp-up of Internet adoption by e.g. free access to information with a sustainable business model
3. together for a global standard “InfoInternet”, use the team in India to connect to Microsoft
4. using your technology/product knowledge

Way heade, suggestion from Jim:

  • convince the India team (HQ Delhi)
  • spend time face-to-face
  • bringing it out to areas where 2G/3G is not well deployed, using an own area (Harisa - old HP connections)

to Sudhir: - talk to Ambica, keep her informed