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InternetSociety-BasicInternet Apr2020
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BasicInternet:InternetSociety-BasicInternet Apr2020

Title InternetSociety-BasicInternet_intro_Apr2020
Date, Time 2020/04/21, 1030-1145
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef Noll, Jane Coffin, Danica Radovanovic
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The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information on community network, sustainability of Internet access and common work in Africa. We established lot's of commonalities, working with the same people (Joseph Bishi, Matogoro Jabhera, Doreen Bogdan-Martin) and communities, having the same ambition on digital inclusion and the access for every single person, as well as common critics, e.g. 5G not addressing 5GforAll.

As outcome, we agreed to

  • extend our networks, e.g. involving Dawit, the Regional Vice President, located in Addis - a.o. to harmonise towards the MoE in Ethiopia
  • connect to the community network team to focus on sustainability of the solutions
  • open for grants on digital skills grants, addressing both connectivity and digital skills - answering the need for e.g. the 1,500 information spots in Kizumu (Barrack Otieno) and the 500 spots in Tanzania (see DigI:Villages).
  • address women entrepreneurship and access to Internet, through involving Dorcas Muthoni from
  • discuss further a common policy, to see if and how Internet Lite and the freemium model for access (free for information) can contribute to digital inclusion, especially reaching out to everyone in the society, including the marginalised groups
  • discuss further the National Knowledge Portal, as an entry point for digital inclusion (free access to the National Knowledge Portal) and quality information
  • open for contributions to Community Network Summit, where Catherine R. Kimambo joined in Dodoma in 2019
  • Contribute to SG1 in ITU, a.o. to Q5: rural and remote area connectivity by invitation as an expert and connection to Cecilia, leader of Q5.1

Background information and links

Technology and Solutions

Skills and empowerment