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Update Microsoft4Africa Oct2019
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BasicInternet:Update Microsoft4Africa Oct2019

Title BasicInternet:Update_Microsoft4Africa_Oct2019
Place Team@Microsoft
Date, Time 2019/10/01, 1430-1515
Contact Person Marcus Morrissette
Participants Josef.Noll, Marcus Morrissette
related to Project DigI, BasicInternet
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Efforts for education and primary/secondary school skills

Lot's of initiatives

Unicef leads the work on Digital Public Goods

What is in common is the lack of connectivity for broadband content, resulting in "offline" solutions for content:

Unicef leads the activities on connecting schools, answering the Target 4.A.1 of SDG 4. Project connect

SDG 4, Target 4.A.1 - Proportion of schools with access to: (a) electricity; (b) the Internet for pedagogical purposes; (c) computers for pedagogical purposes; (d) adapted infrastructure and materials for students with disabilities; (e) basic drinking water; (f) single-sex basic sanitation facilities; and (g) basic handwashing facilities (as per the WASH indicator definitions)

Digital Transformation Centres (DTC) ITU and Cicso, inviting others like Microsoft to help in transforming the business world to "digital"

Split architecture

Common for the Digital Public Goods (DPGs) and the Digital Transformation Centres (DTC) is the need for an architecture solving the demand from "low bandwidth communications".


  • a set of protocols (like AMP) for online connectivity
  • high-bandwidth content to be stored locally

Who are the right partners to join to get these "set of protocols" and the architecture to become the "global standard"?

Open issues

How and where can Microsoft4Africa jump in?

  • educational (DPGs)
  • Parntership for connecting schools
  • Partnership with Operators to bring content to schools
  • Jobb skills: Digital Transformation Centres