Basic Internet Feedback to Malta keynote

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Basic Internet Feedback to Malta keynote

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Feedback to Malta keynote on Basic Internet (Fxx)
Lecture date 2017/10/24 1315-1600
presented by Josef Noll
Objective Understand the basic Internet principles, and the InfoInternet future standard
Learning outcomes Having followed the lecture, you have
  • learned about the free access to information
  • understood the bandwidth requirements of different types of services
  • received an understanding of html5 elements
  • learned about pilots with free access, e.g. Facebooks FreeBasics
Pensum (read before) Go through the attached presentation; establish questions to the presentation; read about FreeBasics from Facebook
References (further info)
Keywords Wifi, BasicInternet, InfoInternet

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UNIK4700 Basic Internet Keynote
Josef Noll
Basic Internet Feedback to Malta keynote

⌘ Requirements for #Basic4All

Top 4 IT companies have same GDP as France (Oct2017)

Mobile Internet access is the dominant way of accessing information for the majority of people in the world.

However, health and education services are predominantly provided through fixed infrastructures, and not available for the majority of people.

  • InfoInternet-standard: text, pictures, other html 5
  • Network infrastructure for filtering on App level, e.g. WhatsApp text & pictures versus voice messages, calls and video
  • Village platform with local information, e.g. health video
  • Value proposition for countries and operators

⌘ InfoInternet

see InfoInternet

⌘ Network infrastructure

Basic Internet Infrastructure for optimised information provision


  • filter on text and pictures = free service, including local video
  • video, voice, and other streaming = paid service


  • Data-base for App information, evtl. white list/black list
  • Global or country-wide Network Control Centre for voucher creation
  • Local control centre for traffic monitoring and filtering
  • Proxy solution for content monitoring

⌘ Proxy solution


  • Example: Opera Mini


  • Content type filtering, based on
    • App ID
    • IP address range
    • Ports
  • packet inspection (https challenge)

Q: do we need browser standard, or can we perform all through proxy?

⌘ Value proposition

For countries

  • free access to health and education information

For operators

  • only 2-3% are used for InfoInternet, >97% for commercial services
  • part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity of the operator
  • in-kind provision of bandwidth, Universal Communication Service Access Funds (UCSAF)
  • new customers (create the need)
  • establish the basic needs
  • add-based communications (using spotify free buz model)
  • sell user-data (Facebook and Google approach)