CSM:Feedback on App

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CSM:Feedback on App

Title CSM:Feedback on App
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2015/10/28, 2000-2100
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Seraj Fayyad, Serhat Sama
related to Project Citi-Sense-MOB
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Feedback on Citi-Sense-MOB app

This is a first feedback on the Google App Store version of the Citi-Sense-MOB app,... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apps.citysense1

Feedback 28Oct2015

the feedback is given on Version 0.0.1 from 22Aug2015. Overall I'm very happy, in a much better state than I thought :-)


is only the google widget, not the CSM widget (%do we have a CSM widget?)

Writing mistake

See screenshot: "Air quality is good" on the green dots in the main screen (Oslo area). Current writing is qaulity

Exit button

no way to exit the app. I would suggest to limit the "back", and after 3 "back" exit the app

back button

gives the screen "back pressed" (which can be omitted)

Questions for my understanding

Dear Seraj and Mirjam, can you answer these questions?

Heat Map

when and how is the heat map added?

Seraj: By referring to myBalsamiq, (page 2.0 Overlays) Heat map should appear, when user select "Show Air Quality" option from overlays menu, overlays menu appears, by clicking on overlays button (top left button).

Heat map documentation

Seraj: The documentation of heat map logic was discussed on our face to face meeting (on 29/06/15) and listed as requirement in the shared document , where it was expected to receive documentation within next months from Nilu. (current status: non-received)

Sensor ID

How do people know the sensor ID?

Seraj: as far as I know, regarding to the fixed sensors, showing of sensor ID is not one of app requirements. Since user could identify sensor based on its location.