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Project: Civil-UAV
Using embedded systems to safely monitor the environment
Project leader Erol Cagatay
Project Participants
Start Date 2014/12/01
End Date 2015/09/30
Supported by own
Objective Establish a project for the JU ECSEL, submission deadline in September, pre-proposal submission ??

The main objectives of the proposal are

  • to pave the way for beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) operation
  • to pave the way for beyond radio line-of-sight (BRLOS) operation
  • to bring the application players together for a streamlined development
  • to pave the way for certification of a long-endurance UAV
Research Domain
Keywords UAV, UAS

Factpage of Project Civil-UAV


Upcoming events to promote the proposal

  • 21.-22. Jan2015 - Artemisia Brokerage Event in Amsterdam - Erol will present
  • 4.-5.Feb2015 - Unmanned Expo, The Hague - Josef and Tor Olav have a talk each

Topics to discuss

  • use cases for European partners (security?)
  • challenges for BLOS, BRLOS operation
  • title: "monitor the environment" -> more proactive towards other developments, e.g. security and surveillance

Confirmed partners

  • Movation (NO), Erol Cagatay - project leader
  • Selex ES (IT), Massimo Traversone, Marina Guzzetti, Cecilia Coveri - Communication, Certification, ...
  • Mondragon Univ. (ES) - Roberto Uribeetxeberria, - System aspects and simulation
  • eSmartSystems (NO) - Knut E. Gustavsen - use case leader Smart Grid
  • Uni Roma La Sapienza - Andrea Fiaschetti - security and dependability monitoring
  • Alfatroll (NO) - Tor Olav Steine - IQ_Engine - long-endurance prototype
  • SICS (SE) - Christian Gehrmann - Security certification

Other aspects presented by partners:

  • operation in bad weather conditions - simulation of visibility - Christoph Schmittner, AIT (AU)
  • simulation and training - Philippe Ravier, SILKAN (FR)
  • error calculations - Peter Gorm Larsen, Aarhus University (DK)
  • 5 GHz communication links - Georges Mykoniatis, ENAC (FR)
  • wind tunnel measurments - Lenka Lhotská & colleagues, Czech Technical Unversity (CZ)
  • security domain/surveillance - Elena Tsiporkova, SIRRIS (BE) and Stefan van Baelen, iMinds (BE)
  • Northern Sea monitoring - FFI (NO), oil & gas (?)
  • Aircraft dynamics - NTNU - AMOS (NO)

Missing expertise

  • UAV constructor
  • Mission simulations


Application-driven requirements are challenging regulations for Civil-UAV operations. This project will join the relevant key technologies to enable certification of a Civil-UAV. Research challenges are driven by application examples, e.g. power line monitoring and environmental monitoring of the Northern Sea. Identified challenges are long endurance, harsh environments (storm conditions, below zero temperatures), autonomous operations, detect and avoid, communications.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome is the certification process for a Civil-UAV, addressing the whole value chain, from embedded system design for controlling, avoidance, communication to certification, prototyping and testing.

Other aspects (draft)

  • Core concepts addressed in ARTEMIS nSHIELD
  • Novel core IQ_Engine and communication piloted
  • Automatic mission simulated
  • beyond visual line-of-sight operation (BVLOS)
  • beyond radio line-of-sight operation (BRLOS)


Open Action Items


Civil-UAV related Meeting(s):