Develop Semantic Application


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Develop Semantic Application

Course UNIK4710, UNIK9710
Title Develop Semantic Application
Lecture date 2014/05/09 0900-1200
presented by Josef Noll
Objective In this lecture you will present your own model, and discuss with your colleagues about the implementation
Learning outcomes Having joined this lecture, you will
  • have gained a practical experience with the OWL API, Protege API or Jena API
  • have used the Java export capabilities from Protege 4.x
  • have structured your thoughts towards an own application
Pensum (read before)
References (further info)
Keywords Protege, OWL API, Protege Java Export

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Lecture Notes

Lecture notes 2014

Lecture notes 2013


Presentations 2013

  • "IDS System" by Philip: [1]