DigI:DigI-Vodacom Meeting 18Apr2018

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DigI:DigI-Vodacom Meeting 18Apr2018

Title DigI-Vodacom meeting 18Apr2018
Place Vodacom@Dar es Salaam
Date, Time 2018/04/18, 0930-1030h
Contact Person Rosalynn Mworia
Participants Josef Noll, Felix Sukums, Rosalynn Mworia, Christina Murimi, Christine Lucas
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Vodacom, Dar es Salaam


0930h Welcome (Rosalyn)
0935h Table Round
0945h Connecting the villages Izazi, Mgoli and Selea
3G/4G coverage
Information spots
Experiences from previous activities
1005h Discussions, what can we do
1030h End of meeting

Request for information

We received a common understanding in developing the rural market. The following open issues were identified:

  1. For Migoli at Latitude: -7.145672 | Longitude: 35.819636, do you have a 3G tower? If so, we would like to use a 3G bundle to provide "Internet light for all" at the health spot, the school, and the market place. Do what degree is sponsoring that health spot interesting for you?
  2. Izazi has a 2G connection from Migoli tower (no 3G), Latitude: -7.23764 | Longitude: 35.720995. Though, our simulation assumes that a 10-15 m pole with a directive UMTS 900 antenna will receive enough power to supply capacity for a Wifi hot-spot. Can you ask you engineers to simulate?
  3. Selela, Latitude: -3.210762 | Longitude: 35.947617 - can you confirm that you don't have connectivity?
  4. Your school program is very interesting, and we would be interested in extending the "off-line" school with an "Internet light" school, using an Internet light hot-spot. Can you suggest us with potential villages to pilot?
  5. Regarding IT entrepreneurship, we have visited the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Accra, Ghana. And, given the high number of entrepreneurs, we would like to link your activities on entrepreneurship together with the work from MEST.
  6. New: What are your upgrade costs from going from a 2G tower to a 3G tower? A rough estimation is fine.

In addition, we are discussing how we can increase the involvement of the government. UNICEF, PATH, NCA and other NGOs might help us in getting a convincing proposition for the government to ask for World Bank/Africa Development/...Banks for an enhanced speed of mobile broadband connectivity.

Information about Phase A villages

2 villages (Izazi and Mgoli) in Iringa districts are for HIV, TB and Cysticercosis (M04) -

  • Migoli: has 3G tower in the village, Latitude: -7.145672 | Longitude: 35.819636, Altitude: 717 meters
  • Izazi: 2G connection from Migoli tower (no 3G), Latitude: -7.23764 | Longitude: 35.720995, Altitude: 753 meters

One Village in Monduli (Selela) is for for Anthrax (M04)

  • Selela, Latitude: -3.210762 | Longitude: 35.947617, Altitude: 1043 meters, TIGO tower on the mountain 5-7 km away

Note: discussions of other villages: in Kainam, Sanu and Yaeda chini villages in Mbulu District, Manyara region and Selela village of Monduli District in Arusha region, both of Northern Tanzania. - GPS coordinates from https://www.gps-coordinates.net)

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The schedule of the TZ week: