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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:DigI Fafo Oct 18

Title Meeting at FAFO
Place Munich
Date, Time 2018/10/05, - 1030-1230
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Christine Holst, Kebede Tewodros Aragie
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1. Update from TZ meetings
2. Randomisation process - how to proceed?

Full information of the number of ten-cell and households within.

3. 3-4 household members vs all household members (between 15-70), what’s the difference?
4. Kobo toolbox and GDPR


Development of the strategy – eHealth Tanzania, Felix

1. the number of tencells 2. the number of households in each ten-cell – sampling unit is the household 3. ten households as a starting point. Number of households will be fixed. 4. Household level analysis 5. Design. Planning to measure. Intervention. Administer collectively, measure individually. Contextually more relevant. 6. stick to the number of household picked in the selection process. 7. get no of ten-cells, no of households, estimated number of people. Ndolla 8. start with the control villages – to pilot. Learn fro the first stage of data collection.

Baseline data before the installation – Plus a pre intervention measure Usage data What sort of information are they using? 99% facebook, or other health information?

Liplearning – fixed tablet in Ethiopia. Household level info, no of people Basic demographic Work? Video Assessment