DigI:EAC Health and Scientic Conference Mar2019

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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:EAC Health and Scientic Conference Mar2019

Title DigI:East African Health and Science Conference_Mar2019
Place Dar es Salaam
Date, Time 2019/03/27, 1000-1200
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Felix Sukums, Josef Noll, Christine Holst, Bernard Ngowi
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Travel with KLM to Dar es Salam, Arrival 22:15

28Mar2019 EAHSC - https://conferences.eahealth.org

Participation at East African Health and Scientific Conference (EAHSC)
Christine's presentation on "..."
14:00 h Oslo time - DHP4All call
EAHSC PodiumDiscussion29Mar2019.png

29Mar2019 EAHSC

08:30 - Josef's presentation on "Providing Digital Health - a Question of Sustainability" Podium Discussion

30Mar2019 - Saturday

11:00h Møte med PEN
Testing Equipment with Felix (U900 operation of LTE antenna, update of RDB952 boxes)



1Apr2019 and onwards, see DigI:Roll_out_Izazi_Migoli_Mbaash

Field work in Iringa, Migoli, ....
Discussion with Patandi team
start of Operation in Mbaash