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DigI Meeting with UCSAF on 17th January 2020

Title DigI Meeting with UCSAF on 17th January 2020
Place UCSAF Offices@University of Dodoma
Date, Time 2020/01/17, 0900-1200
Contact Person Felix.Sukums
Participants Catherine R. Kimambo, Asanali Msangi, Albert Richard, Baraka NN
related to Project DigI:DigI, BasicInternet
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Summary of the Meeting

This was a follow-up meeting After a conference call between UCSAF and Basic Internet in Arusha November 2019. In this meeting, the following agendas were discussed Partnership that exists between UCSAF and Vodacom The efforts done by UCSAF to connect villages and schools Model used by Basic Internet Foundation for installation Challenges faced by both stakeholders in connecting the unconnected Future plans of the partnership that is to exist between Vodacom, Basic Internet Foundation and UCSAF including the roles of each partner Sustainability of the projects

Way forward. Basic Internet Foundation will identify 10 schools for pilot program in which they will work hand in hand with UCSAF and Vodacom to make sure the schools will receive Internet service and Internet aided devices. Through these pilot schools UCSAF will engage in dialogues with the Ministry of Education and other telecommunications operators as stakeholders in finding a common interest on Internet connectivity, Basic Internet Foundation will engage international stakeholders such as UNICEF and the likes to get them on board to further see value in the connectivity. Partners will have a final meeting before the implementation commences so as they can set clear roles and responsibilities of each partner and device a clear road map.

Contents created by Basic Internet Foundation and the community development programs will be replicated in the other pilot projects. Challenges. Finding a sustainable model that will fund the OPEX (Operating expenses) throughout the lifetime of the project. Vodacom network not being available in the areas selected for piloting.