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Project: DigiSudan
Student Access for Universities in Sudan
Project leader Wisam Ahmed Mansour
Project Participants Wisam Ahmed Mansour
Start Date 2021/07/11
End Date 2022/09/28
Supported by Own
Objective Establish Wifi connectivity at Universities in Sudan, and enable student access
Research Domain Internet - IoPTS
Keywords Affordable Access, Freemium Access, Digital Inclusion

Factpage of Project DigiSudan

See Equipment used in the project DigiSudan/Equipment

Open Action Items

  1. Collaborative proposal to the African developing Bank
  2. Piloting phase evaluation
  3. Establishing the Digital Library
  4. Involving both Norwegian and Danish embassies


Continuing our endeavors Connecting the Unconnected, Basic Internet Foundation, has signed the high-level collaboration agreement with the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aiming to establish a complete Digital Inclusion for all Sudanese universities and governmental research institutes through implementing information/wifi spots, building national digital library / academic knowledge portal, centers of excellence for connectivity, and national research and education network in Sudan (NREN).

Wisam had a successful meeting on 11/7/2021, with H.E. Prof. Intsar Sagiron, the Sudanese minister of higher education and scientific research, Prof. Sami, Undersecretary, Mrs. Eshraga Hamza, Director of Cultural Relations Department, Prof. Mohammed Boreen, the University of Gadarif's Dean where they agreed to provide the wifi through the info spot technology for all the public universities and create open access to the educational material. The start will be from the University of Gadarif where they got the set to be implemented in July. The MOU has been signed with Prof. Sami, undersecretary on 29/7/2021 for further collaboration on:

  1. Digital Inclusion for universities
  2. National Digital Library/Academic Knowledge Portal as the base for information for students
  3. Centre of Excellence for connectivity
  4. National Research and Education Network

Signed MOU

The Foundation has got an overwhelming amount of collaboration invitations where, for now, signed MOUs with seven bodies.

1- Ministry of Education and Scientific Research

2- University of Al-Gadarif

3- University of Dongola

4- Sudan Start organization

5- Sudan Next Generation

6- Bitmakaly National Organization

7- SAEIYA Association and Social Affairs Office


University Collaboration

The start was with three universities:

  1. Nebraska University, USA
  2. Dongola University, Sudan
  3. Gadarif University,

In our first deployment phase, six partners have got info spots that have been installed and underuse by the local communities, with plans to collaboratively establish all the locally needed content to be part of the spot server (Raspberry Pi)as an offline available material.

All these collaboration agreements will be part of the framework of the distinguished relations between the Kingdom of Norway and Sudan what has been emphasized by the Norwegian Minister of International Development, Dag Inge Ulstein in his meeting with the First Vice-President of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo on 24th of August 2021.

Connected Universites and Villages

  1. The University of Gadarif (is a public university in the town of Al Qadarif, capital of the state of Al Qadarif in Sudan. The university is a member of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). DigI:Gadarif_University
  2. The University of Dongola (in Arabic جامعة دنقلا), is a public university located in Dongola North Sudan. DigI:Dongola_University
  3. Kebelw village, Kobom, Southern Darfur, West Sudan. To be installed in October 2021 DigI:kebelw_village