Followup with Unafundo

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Followup with Unafundo

Title Followup with Unafundo Aug2020
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2020/08/21, 1700:18:30
Contact Person Brenda Jimris-Rekve
Participants Josef Noll, Wenzile Madonsela Msimanga, Khulekile Msimanga, Sanjay Maharaj, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project DigI, Basic Internet
Keywords Unafundo, InfoSpot
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  • Presentation by Unafundo(Wenzile and Khulekile)
  • Sanjay's Input
  • Josef Input from the presentation
  • Takeway

Presentation by Unafundo

  • Wenzile and Khulekile presented their idea to the rest. Unafundo as a gateway for Basic Internet into the South African ecosystem (Communities, mobile providers and companies)
  • Provide entrepreneurship through skills development on the African Continent
  • Unafundo's alignment map zeros in on economic exclusion, lack of financial education and improvement of living standards which they will be addressing through this partnership
  • Their value offering will entail provision of data relating to potential rollout hotspot, monitoring of the rollout process and project management and community training

Sanjay's Input

  • Sanjay briefly explained how our synergies can assist in - especially rural areas - getting people connected to the internet in particular businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and, getting out e-health information especially relating to COVID19
  • How providing internet connectivity can provide digital goods and also reduce the digital divide through our collaboration
  • Unafundo works with people in charge of wifi installation, communities(focusing on digital financial education content via the internet) and provision of entrepreneurial skills

Josef's Input

  • He explained the technical side and shared the success project in Tanzania. BIF can reach out >20 km from a mobile tower. However, the hot spot only covers Wi-Fi range - typically 50 meters - getting a bigger reach means adding new hot-spots (can be taken from the centre one).
  • Hence, from a hot spot BIF typically can reach out to another Wi-Fi access point 3-5 km away. E.g. school is the central Wi-Fi, and from there the primary health facility and the community centre can be reached.
  • Professor Noll said that the presentation clearly demonstrates how our organisations have commons objectives and then took all through the technical side of the BIF.
  • Josef highlights that Unafundo will kick-start the project by following three main steps as described on the our Wiki

(1) Identifying 2-3 communities as a start
(2) Identify needs within these communities and community empowerment agenda
(3)Have a person within the community taking measurements for the information spots (preferably a youth with a smart phone)
  • we need to do some preparation work to get these info spots out to you. For that preparation step – that is what we call the How To page. BasicInternet:How_To


  • Wenzile and Khulekile will need three weeks before next meeting for project proposal to be formulated
  • Khulekile and Wenzile will tap into the technological aspect of the Basic Internet's system operation