GCEI Representation in India

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GCEI Representation in India

Title GCEI Representation in India
Place Zoom.us
Date, Time 2021/02/09, 1100-1200
Contact Person Brenda
Participants Indrani Lahiri, Josef Noll, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project BasicInternet, DigI
Keywords GCEI, Education
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Topics for follow-up

  • Internet Lite, BasicInternet's strategy for free access to information on the Internet. We'd like to see how such a model can be made applicable in India
  • Government strategy for public schools - given the governmental programs for Internet roll-out, we expect to see programmes by the Government of India on school connectivity. We should partner with these initiatives (or have an intermediate service until the schools are connected)
  • Pilot project for school connectivity, though first elaborate on the OTP regulations