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About the GravidPluss project

The Gravid Pluss project aims to develop and evaluate a mobile application ("the Gravid+ app") for women with gestational diabetes mellitus. The project started in April 2014 and is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Blood sugar levels are automatically transferred from a glucometer to the smartphone and users receive tailored advice about their diet and physical activity. The app will be tested among 260 women with gestational diabetes in an randomized controlled study at 5 hospitals in Oslo and Akershus. Read more about our App ...


The consortium collaborating in this project indlucdes:

Project Participants in GravidPluss

GravidPluss Participants: Anja Alicia De Anton Bjerke, Anne Flem Jacobsen, Anne Marie Lilleengen, Annhild Mosdøl, Arina Vladimirovna Mussorina, Eray Ayduran, Inger Brøndbo, Ingunn Tofteng, Iren Borgen, Iñaki Garitano, Josef Noll, Kirsti Bjerkan, Laura Terragni, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Liv Elin Torheim, Marthe Emilie Berg, Mirjam Lukasse, Renate Ulvang, Seraj Fayyad, Serhat Sama, Tonje Vråle


The Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is Norway's largest state university college, with a student body of 16 000 students and 1 850 employees. HiOA offers a unique range of professional programmes that qualify students for professions that will contribute to future welfare and value creation.

Project members of HiOA: Anja Alicia De Anton Bjerke, Anne Marie Lilleengen, Arina Vladimirovna Mussorina, Iren Borgen, Laura Terragni, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Liv Elin Torheim, Marthe Emilie Berg, Mirjam Lukasse


The University Graduate Center Kjeller (UNIK) is a non-profit educational and research foundation owned by the University of Oslo (UiO), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the three major research institutes: the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI), Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and Telenor R&D. UNIK is a graduate educational institution for master and doctoral students, primarily from UiO and NTNU. The main focus of UNIK is on applied science.

Project members of UNIK: Iñaki Garitano, Seraj Fayyad, Serhat Sama

Samarbeidende Sykehus

Vestre Viken

Vestre Viken Hospital Trust consists of Ringerike hospital, Drammen hospital, Bærum hospital, and Kongsberg hospital. Today Vestre Viken Hospital Trust is composed of the hospitals in the municipalities Bærum, Drammen, Kongsberg and Ringerike, as well as the local medical centre Hallingdal sjukestugu in Hallingdal. On top of this, we also offer a complete range of treatment services within the fields of mental health and substance abuse.

Vestre Viken Hospital Trust has approximately 9500 employees and provides hospital services, as well as special health care services for 470,000 people in 26 municipalities. These services are provided in close cooperation with the primary health care services of the municipalities in which Vestre Viken Hospital Trust is active.

Project members of Vestre Viken: Inger Brøndbo, Tonje Vråle

Oslo Universitetssykehus

Ullevål hospital and Rikshospitalet are ...

Project members of Oslo Universitetssykehuset: Kirsti Bjerkan

Akershus Universitetssykehus

Project members of A-hus: Renate Ulvang


This NFR-funded project aims to evaluate an app for better health for pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus

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Participating Partners

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