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GravidPluss: Health App
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GravidPluss:IKTPLUSS Pre project 1

Title IKTPLUSS Pre project
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2015/02/02, 0930-1030
Contact Person Iñaki Garitano
Participants Lisa Garnweidner, Jeanette, Iñaki Garitano
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  • Gravid+ app status
  • Gravid+ app updates
  • 201502 IKTPLUSS Pre project

Gravid+ app status

Serhat and Eray started the Apple Store registration process.

All functionalities are working separately. However, there are some errors during the integration process.

  1. Design up to 20150202. Finished.
  2. App memory, it remembers user's actions. Finished.
  3. Telephone number authentication. Cannot access the server for authentication.
  4. Dynamic pages. Finished.
  5. Bluetooth. Only the last measurement can be read.
  6. Measurements report generator. Need to be tested.
  7. Printing. Need to be tested.

Gravid+ app updates

There are some design updates which will be considered after the Apple Store process starts. In order to prioritize the Apple Store approval we need to start with the process. All new updates will be considered as an app update.

IKTPLUSS Pre project

Lisa, Jeanette and Iñaki discussed about the pre project.

Research questions

(Pre project --> Research questions to be addressed)

  • Can sensor-based care make health care more effective (special target groups e.g: immigrants, diabetes patients, elderly)?
  • Correlations
    • Food intake (this will be difficult – I suggest also weight management, which we can monitor with wireless devices)
    • Blood sugar
    • Medicine intake
  • Privacy
    • Advanced role-based access control
  • Picture
    • Log of consumed meals prior to diabetes measurement
  • Impact of weight and blood sugar management
  • General recommendations and current treatment of type II diabetes
  • Societal aspects
  • Home, elderly people, nutrition

Interesting points

  • Results obtained from interviews are interesting
    • Apps should be ready for "low literate" people or with some sensorial difficulties
      • Include BIG icons
      • Include sounds
    • Some other results could be used to justify the main objectives
  • A weight sensor, a usual bathroom scale device with the capability of sending the information to the app would be really interesting to control elderly people eating habits. Are they eating what the picture says? Do they show a substantial weight loose?
  • Pictures of the food are interesting to correlate with possible blood sugar variations, changes in blood pressure are not as fast as in blood sugar


  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Pill dispenser
  • Bathroom scale (Weight)
  • Camera (food pictures)
  • GPS (dementia)
  • Accelerometer (possible fall + activity)
  • Sleeping sensor? (


  • Decision Support Systems (DSS) --> mobile app
  • Prevention
  • Sensor-aided (illness, sickness) prevention
  • Service quality
  • Costs reduction

Input - Outputs

1.- education of health professionals 2.- quantifiable results 3.- impact on society costs 4.- Autonomy
1.- impact of medical professionals on health 4.- Self-confidence
4.- Better life (chronical sickness)