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GravidPluss: Health App
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GravidPluss:October workshop

Title GravidPluss:October workshop
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/10/07, 0900-1100
Contact Person Josef Noll, Iñaki Garitano
Participants Lisa Garnweidner, Iren Borgen, Josef Noll, Iñaki Garitano
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Physical Activity

Options to measure the physical activity:

  • Widget in the app to start stop activity. Measures the time.
  • Manual time registration in the app.
  • Option to buy an activity measuring wrist and include that information into the app.

We have to think about what do we want to measure and what do we want to show to the users.

App statistics

  • How many times the user loads a page.
  • How long the user stays in each page.

Blood Sugar Level measuring devices

Abbot Freestyle snapshot.jpg
  1. J&J: nothing new. Josef will have a call with them. - % called, and send email
  2. iHealth: Josef sent an email to clarify about the last slide on Developer Guidance of iHealth cloud(f).pdf - % talked to Louie: There are other customers/countries with privacy concern. But the current version does not support phone only connectivity. Though the measurement device connects either with Bluetooth or with Wifi direct to the phone, the SDK implies a direct connection to the cloud.
  3. - not considered as of now, due to direct connectivity
  4. Freestyle Libre: new way of measuring the blood sugar level. Instead of using strips the new technology is using a nfc device that is always attached to the skin and it measures the blood sugar level once an hour. Each time the user puts their device next to the pad the last measurements are transferred to the device. What we do not know clearly is how it will communicate with our app.
  5. Fora care: we expect to have some devices quite soon.

Action Items

  • Lisa: think about where to place the start stop button for the physical activity. Page 116?
  • Iren and Lisa: talk to Mirjam about Freestyle Libre.
  • Lisa: privacy statement.