HOPin Academy-BasicInternet Partnership November2019

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HOPin Academy-BasicInternet Partnership November2019

Title HOPin Academy-BasicInternet Partnership_November2019
Place Skype
Date, Time 2019/11/20, 1000-1130
Contact Person Brenda Jimris-Rekve
Participants Brenda Jimris-Rekve, Josef Noll, MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy
related to Project DigI, BasicInternet
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HOPin Academy MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy maccarthy@hopinacademy.org

The goal of the collaboration is to promote digital inclusion through Digital Transformation Centres (DTCs) , connecting schools and establishing information spots in the various areas in the Tamale Region and looking into partnership based on digital integration so as to establish pilot operation in Ghana. Through the pilot operations we will establish the proof of concept for digital inclusion, societal empowerment and innovation acceleration in the Ghanaian society.

http:/hopinacademy.org http://Basicinternet.no http://Basicinternet.org https://basicinternet.org/blog/ https://basicinternet.org/it-only-takes-90-min-to-connect-izazi/ https://basicinternet.org/internet-lite-to-the-migoli-high-school/



Village server: Yeboo.com

Technical info: how to establish the information spot.

See the video on how to establish connectivity: https://vimeo.com/354375901

Call for a LightWeight Internet AMP protocol https://amp.dev/

Community involvement https://owncloud.basicinternet.org/index.php/s/QL7wQr53cpqO7tX

Action Items and next steps