Implementation evaluation of Cost 231 WI model

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Implementation evaluation of Cost 231 WI model

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Implementation of COST231 WI model
Lecture date 2013/11/18 16:30-17:00
presented by Josef Noll, Tomasz Obuchowski
Objective Discuss first results from implementation of propagation models used in COST 231 with the Munich reference test site.
Learning outcomes Having followed the lecture, you will have learned
  • have implemented the COST231 HI model
  • be able to refer some typical path loss results from the model
Pensum (read before)
References (further info) Handouts from lecture Propagation_Models_and_Free_Internet
Keywords Propagation Models, Cost 231

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COST 231, Digital mobile radio towards future generation systems, Final Report, COST Telecom Secretariat, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, 1999, - focus on chapter 4