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Information spots are an essential part of the Internet LIte provision, read more at Work of the Basic Internet Foundation or at BasicInternet:Solutions.

Figure 4: Basic Internet Infrastructure with Local Information Spot, high level overview (left) and detailed view of components of the Information Spot (right)

How To?

How to establish an info spot

Are you wondering on how to connect your community? We help you in establishing Information Spots by following these 5 steps.

  1. You want to read more on why we use Internet Lite?
  2. You have already plans to connect your community, your school, your health facility? Please read what has to be done in the field prior to establishing an Info Spot
  3. Are you convinced to establish an Info Spot? Then please contact us to make the necessary agreements (MoU), purchase and further steps
  4. Thus, if everything is agreed, we help you in ordering the equipment, built a Regional Competence Centre to configure equipment ready to be installed
See for the steps of connectivity
Have a look at the course on how to configure
Experience problems? Please visit Problem solving
5. You are almost there, perform the roll-out in the field, and Best Praxis from our communities



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