International Working Day Meeting at IFI/UiO

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International Working Day Meeting at IFI/UiO

Title Open Working Day at IFI/UiO
Place IFI
Date, Time 2016/09/09, 1000-1800
Contact Person Cristian
Participants Cristian, Olaf Owe
related to Project IoTSec
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  • This is an intense working meeting with several participants, some from the project, some from other countries, and some from outside the project.
  • The purpose was to investigate possible collaboration opportunities, with some of the participants, whereas with others we worked on boosting progress on work already started.


  • 13:15 : Talk by Haakon Norman (ITU Copenhagen, DK)
on "Semanatics for psi-calculi"
  • 14:00 Questions and Discussions
  • 14:30 break
  • 15:00 Sum-up discussions and collaboration opportunities
  • 16:00 Sushi dinner and "social" discussions
Location : in the lunch area of 9th floor

Participants and Invited people

This is a short list of the main participants, and mainly the invited people. Others also took part.

  • Haakon Norman (ITU Copenhagen, DK)
working on psi-calculi models for complex systems, as well as DCR graphs for adaptive security. With Haakon we have been working all week, on two papers.
  • Denis Migdal (student from ENSI Caen, FR) working on security and authentication mechanisms
  • Bjørnar Luteberget (from RailCOMPLETE) working on modelling and automation of railway safety regulations
  • Martin Steffen (IFI Professor) is academic associated to IoTSec working on information flow security
  • Shukun Tokas (PhD at IFI) working with Olaf Owe and affiliated with IoTSec as well as to ConSeRNS group on security and resilience
  • Manish Shrestha (our recent PhD in IoTSec, co-supervicesd by Josef and Christian)
  • local IoTSec members : Olaf, Christian, Josef, Toktam.


  • Location : on the premises of IFI's department (9th + 8th floor of OJD building)


Minutes of the meeting are in IoTAdmin:20160909MeetingIFI_FullDay_Notes