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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec Deliverables

This page lists all deliverables in IoTSec in an unsorted way

 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditorDissemination level
D0.1.1Collaborative Knowledge PlatformM03ITSJosef NollPublic
D0.1.2Annual Reporting Year 1M12ITSJosef NollRestricted
D0.1.3Annual Reporting Year 2M24ITSJosef NollRestricted
D0.10Scientific Paper #7M24IfiOlaf OwePublic
D0.2.1Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 1M12NCE SmartDieter HirdesPublic
D0.2.2Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 2M24NCE SmartDieter HirdesPublic
D0.4Scientific Paper #1M12IfiOlaf OwePublic
D0.5Scientific Paper #2M12ITSSeraj FayyadPublic
D0.6Scientific Paper #3M12SIMULAYan ZhangPublic
D0.7Scientific Paper #4M12NTNUEinar SnekkenesPublic
D0.8Scientific Paper #5M12IfiOlaf OwePublic
D0.9Scientific Paper #6M12NRHabtamu AbiePublic
D1.1.1Semantic Description of InfrastructureM12IfiOlaf OwePublic
D1.1.2Semantic Description of Infrastructure (final)M24IfiOlaf OwePublic
D1.2.1Methods for measurable security (draft)M12ITSJosef NollPublic
D1.2.2Methods for measurable security (final) M24ITSJosef NollPublic
D2.1.1Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (draft)M12NRHabtamu AbieRestricted
D2.1.2Privacy-preservation frameworkM12SIMULAYan ZhangPublic
D2.1.3Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (final)M24NRHabtamu AbiePublic
D2.1.4Privacy-preservation yet accountable frameworkM36SIMULAYan ZhangPublic
D2.2.1Anticipatory adaptive security models (draft)M12NRHabtamu AbieRestricted
D2.2.2Anticipatory adaptive security M24NRHabtamu AbiePublic
D2.2.3Adpative user interface reportM30NRHabtamu AbiePublic
D2.2.4Optimised adaptive security modelsM48NRHabtamu AbiePublic
D2.3.1Semantic Provability Framework (draft)M24IfiOlaf OwePublic
D2.3.2Semantic Provability Framework (final)M36IfiOlaf OwePublic
D2.3.3Semantic Provability applied to Smart GridsM48IfiOlaf OwePublic
D3.1.1Multi-metrics analysis of applications on the smart-grid infrastructure (draft)M12ITSJosef NollPublic
D3.1.2Application analysis on the smart-grid infrastructure (draft)M24MovationSeraj FayyadPublic
D3.2.1Psychological Profiling for Risk Analysis (draft)M24NTNUEinar SnekkenesPublic
D3.2.2Incentives and Usability for IoT Security (intermediate)M36NTNUEinar SnekkenesPublic
D4.1.1Tech. rep.: Analysis of IoTSec ecosystemM08NTNUEinar SnekkenesRestricted
D4.2.1Outline of security centre (pres. and outline)M12NCE SmartHeidi TuiskulaPublic
D4.2.2Assessment of stakeholder needs for Smart Grid Security CentreM24NCE SmartHeidi TuiskulaPublic
D4.3.1Pres: Roadmap towards Smart Grid Security ServicesM24NCE SmartHeidi TuiskulaPublic
D4.3.1AMI Security AnalysisM18NRSigurd Eskeland and Åsmund SkomedalPublic