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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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T4.1 IoTSec ecosystem

Task Title IoTSec ecosystem and industrial applicability
Lead partner NCE Smart
Contributors HiG, UNIK, Ifi, NR, ESmart Systems, EB Nett, Fredrikstad Energi, Simula
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This task will establish the industrial requirements, analyse the IoTSec ecosystem and ensure industrial applicability.


Deliverables in T4.1 IoTSec ecosystem

 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditorDissemination level
D4.1.1Tech. rep.: Analysis of IoTSec ecosystemM08NTNUEinar SnekkenesRestricted

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Subtasks in T4.1

T4.1.1 IoTSec ecosystem

An IoTSec ecosystem defines the stakeholders linked ....

The objective of this subtask is to provide a common world view to ensure that those that do the research work produce results that are relevant, interesting and important to the industrial partners, and that the research partners have clearly defined ‘interfaces’ – i.e. use cases and scenarios. By ensuring that the project have a commonly understood world view of interest, we establish a solid foundation for the integration of project results .


  • A clearly defined scope of the project in terms of stakeholders, their interests, technological components and their functionality and interconnection (M08)
  • A clarification of what is considered to be outside of the research and industrial applicability (M12).


  • NCE Smart, HiG, UNIK, Ifi, NR, ESmart Systems, EB Nett, Fredrikstad Energi, Simula


  • Technical report

T4.1.2 Industrial network

Objective: The main objective of this subtask is to establish industrial network, through which research results can be developed further to new business opportunities.The industrial network will be based on members of the NCE Smart Energy Markets cluster and will consist of distribution grid operators (DSOs), operators of communication networks between end-users, DSOs and the Norwegian el-hub, and technology providers for the energy sector. As secondary objects feedback for subtask 4.1.1 is provided by industrial network and core stakeholders are involved for activities in task 4.2


  • Industrial network enhanced by at least 4 members (M12)
  • Established Industrial workshop and defined industrial shareholder involvement in the project (in collaboration with T0.2 - M18).

Deliverables: List of stakeholders in the industrial network

elHub information

Follow this link for information about [how elhub affects actors (Norwegian)] in the energy value chain, including end-users.

Here you can find [general information about elhub (english)], what it is and why it is being made, along with a nice 4min video explaining it all.