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6G Seminar Sintef May2022.png Future Technologies for Sustainable Communications
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SINTEF seminar Sundvollen 10May2022
Josef Noll 10 May 2022 6G, Next Generation Internet, IoT, IoT Communications
UnivGondar Inclusion.png The Need for Digital Inclusion in Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation for Holistic and Inclusive Development Conference Gondar 4-6Apr2022
Josef Noll 4 April 2022 IoT, Ethiopia
Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 10.37.20.png Livsmestring i en teknologiverden 
som raser fordi oss
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Naturfagskonferanse UiO 13Okt2020
Josef Noll 13 October 2020 Trust, IoT, Information security, IoT Security, Societal Security
Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 01.31.55.png Digital transformation, IoT and Industry4.0
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TZ-Hackathon Feb2020
Josef Noll 27 February 2020 IoT, Industry 4.0, Digital Inclusion
Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 11.40.35.png Tingenes Internet (IoT) - utfordringer for fagfolk
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Elektrofagdag OsloMet 22Mar2019
Josef Noll 22 March 2019 IoT, Business Models
Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 00.16.12.png IoT contributions to Sustainable Developments(?)
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Seminar on IoT and Sustainability, Sintef, Oslo, 24Jan2019
Josef Noll 24 January 2019 IoT, Automation
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 00.03.28.png Hvilke muligheter kan skapes i norsk og global sammenheng med basis i IoT?
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NEK & Standard Norge, Frokostseminar IoT, 2Feb2018, Oslo
Josef Noll 1 February 2018 Economy, IoT, Industry 4.0
EKOM-IoT security.png The Internet of Things - 
The Need for Standardisation
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EKOM konferansen Nov2017
Josef Noll 21 November 2017 IoT, Information Security, Privacy Label
Courses related to IoT
  • TEK5370 (TEK5370 – Grid, Smartgrid and IoT)
  • TEK5520 (Information Security in industrial Sensor and Mobile Systems)
  • TEK9520 (Selected topics in Information Security in Industrial Sensor- and Mobile Systems)
Thesis Companies dealing with IoT: User(s)