Mid-term evaluation

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Mid-term evaluation

Course UNIK4710, UNIK9710
Title Mid-term evaluation
Lecture date 2015/03/27 0900-1500
presented by Josef Noll
Objective feedback on lectures
Learning outcomes
Pensum (read before)
References (further info)
Keywords Evaluation

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Overall structure of the course should be made more clear

Motivation - hvorfor (clear)
Expectation (clear)
Structure overview (clear)

Challenges when it comes to scenarios, outcome of scenarios and implementation

  • what is a context-aware scenario
Easy Example from earlier lectures (as an intro)
  • what is the outcome (question, query,...)
easy example
  • how to start programming (Protege)
Protege intro

The current course looks to be "too complex". As a student, one has too many alternatives

Recommended basic "logic" knowledge as in INF3580, which provides "hands-on" experiences of rdf.

Some more comments: "exiting course//spennende kurs", "lots of different aspects//mye forskjellig", "sometimes confusing on the goal//'hvor skal vi?'"

Experiences with video conferences

The delay was seen to be a hinder for quick responses, and an active participation in classes. Students experienced that they crashed into other student's comments during discussions due to the delay.

Skype was regarded as having less delay.