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NCE Smart

Keywords: Smart grid, Smart home

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NCE Smart leads:
  • D0.2.1 (Title Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 1)
  • D0.2.2 (Title Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 2)
  • D4.2.1 (Title Outline of security centre (pres. and outline))
  • D4.2.2 (Title Assessment of stakeholder needs for Smart Grid Security Centre)
  • D4.3.1 (Title Pres: Roadmap towards Smart Grid Security Services)
  • T0.2 (Title Dissemination, Scientific Papers, workshops, liaisons, industrial take-up)
  • T4.1 (Title IoTSec ecosystem and industrial applicability)
  • T4.2 (Title Smart Grid security centre applicability, assessment, simulation and pilots)