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Members from Nextelco

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Internet for Kongo, using the new concept of user involved service and infrastructure provision. While the backbone is provided by Nextelco, the rest of the infrastructure comes from users supplying their own hot-stops. Our aim is:

  • To provide a cost effective internet service to majority of people in DRC Congo
  • To be on the top of people driven technology by developing End users driven technology that serves the hard to reach rural as well urban and suburban populations
  • To implement a Business Model that profits to end users while opening big business opportunities to many
  • To open a path to development and industrialization in general by connecting the world to Africa and vis versa

What Nextelco recognised in emerging economies like Congo is a real challenge. Today when you see a PC at the remote university, you ll see a minimum of 10 students sharing a small screen of a notebook. We believe that in about 60 months 70% of the students in DRC Congo will have each, a notebook or smartphone with a retailed internet available for student. The internet which today is only for well-established people will soon become a consumer product in Africa. The internet is the accelerator we need in emerging economies.

One of our first installations was the Internet provision to the University of Lisala in the Democratic Republic of Kongo (DRC). After that we have

  • connected various sites in Congo,
  • demonstrated the concept of voucher-based access to the Internet through user-owned hot-spots and
  • provided a self-financed Internet access solution for Universities.

We are now open for collaboration world-wide to provide our solutions of Internet access. If you want to see more, visit our page on Our_Dream_Internet_for_everyone, or visit us at



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