People Centered Internet (PCI) Introduction with Basic Internet

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People Centered Internet (PCI) Introduction with Basic Internet

Title People Centered Internet (PCI) Introduction with Basic Internet
Date, Time 2021/01/05, 1700-1800
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Me Lin Fung, Josef Noll, Sudhir Dixit, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project DigI, BasicInternet
Keywords People Centered Internet, Digital Inclusion
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  • Introduction/Background-Getting to know one another
  • Information Exchange
  • Identification of common areas
  • Way Forward

Introduction and Background

  • Mei Lin is the Chair and Co-Founder of PCI and she is based in California.
  • Her background is on enterprise software
  • Together with her colleague, they launched PCI in 2015
  • Her worry is about the potential techno-colonialism. She also insists on the need to measure impact which can be a part of the social KPIs
  • She has an affiliation with World Data Lab who focuses on visualization of income and inequality

Information Exchange

  • With her colleague Vint Cerf, Mei Lin would like us to focus on building resilient communities
  • Sudhir tells the need to focus on social KPIs including, how we have made impact, how many people have had their lives improved through for example healthcare information sharing. This would be needful beside just focusing on bandwidth and latency
  • Mei adds that social KPIs should be integral to the project, we can translate the social impact into monetary value(Money), which is a driver in entrepreneurial ecosystem

Identification of common areas

  1. IEEE Social Impact - with KPI on HyperCatalog for commeasureability of different social impact measurement frameworks (registry of data sources, algorithms and logic models, and data usage principles) and e.g. addressing BasicInternet's Global Help Desk - not sure what this means
  2. World Data Labs - who focuses on equalization - should be visualization - of income and inequality
  3. Internet provision through InfoSpots in villages in RUrban areas of (smart cities)
  4. the National Knowledge Portal with local representation in villages as means for empowering the local population
  5. Digital Finance and financial inclusion cooperation with Singapore and Norway

In addition the Leonardo Initiative, as part of the UN Technology Education Labs


Way Forward

  • Follow-up meeting on 13January 2021 at 1700h CET, 08AM California time
  • Discussion of areas of common interest
  • How can we move towards digital cooperation roadmap
  • Geo-political strategy-What will survive the post geo-political climate
  • Digital finance and building resilient communities is key- Thus a need to look into and involve financial individuals in Norway