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From Proposal to Project Number

This page reflects the lessons learned from getting a project proposal into a project number at UiO.

We take the example from the SCOTT Project

Proposal phase

When starting a proposal, please inform the administrative at ITS (Kristin Scheen)

  • PIC Number of UiO: PIC 999975814 NO971035854MVA N OSLO01

why should we mention every proposal we are involved?

Grant agreement (GA) preparation

  • Get a tentative budget in place (ask admin)
  • involve Marianne Randen for the EU legal involvements (LSIGN,PSIGN,FSIGN,...) and the GA acceptance
  • for legal purposes, ask Marianne to clarify
  • After the GA is signed, establish "Intern oversikt på Totalbudsjettet" and send to Helge Midtun ved MN
  • Helge is then establishing the cost numbers

Contacts at Ifi

Geir Ulvestad, med Nadina Mesic

  • Daniel og Dyveke med prosjektstøtte