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Ideas for Verdikt

Social networks: hvordan forandre sosiale medier vår kjøp

  • how social media change our way of buying and selling


  • users building and sharing networks:
  • apps



  • physical goods


  • IT: describe the user, her wishes and conect them to social profiles ("user oriented social profiling")
  • Social Sciences: social interaction, "friend of a friend", social networks
  • Business Economics: new economies, user-driven business, "new business models" and interactions

Sammfunnssikkerhet basert på Internet of things

The vision: Waringin on potential desasters will be electronically registered and distributed throught the Internot of Things.

Teh future scenario: Washing out of leira, permafrost forsvinner fra fjellet, stein og snøras,... Satellites will provide a global map for potentially dangerous areas. Trains and trucks will monitor the quality of the tracks (and roads), and will report online on potentially dangerous areas. If such an area is identified, lo-cost IoT devices will be spread out to further monitor the movement of the environment

Technology infrastructure

  • two-ways bi-static interferometer
  • connected through the IoT
  • road and track measurement

IoT classes of devices

  • sensorer og actuators (some cent)
  • ....
  • integrated embedded systems

Specific Objectives

    • toget, vibrasjonsmåling
    • bistatic radar

Research topics

  • networking - mesh: IoT interfaces (tog), tilgang til data
  • privacy, security
  • IoT research:

Socialtainment - social connectivity supporting the mobility of the future

Security, privacy and dependability (SPD) in the Internet of things

NAMË- Security and privacy in the dependable Internet of Things

Need new name no more SHIELD

  • Partners:
    • CWI
    • JBV
    • Telenor Objects
    • ESIS
    • NooM
  • Clear definition:
    • 'Things?':
    • Security:
    • Privacy:
    • Dependability
  • Objective:
    • Security and Privacy not as add-on feature but built in feature
    • Ensure SPD together in IoT based on capabilities of IoT (most 'things' lack resources)
    • Composability of SPD technologies in IoT.
  • Use case:
  • Motivation:
    • The ITU has identified that the protection of data and privacy of users is one of the key chal- lenges in the Internet of Things [1]: lack of confidence about privacy will result in decreased adoption among users and therefore is one of the driving factors in the success of the Internet of Things.
    • ‘things’ communicating with each other, new security and privacy problems arise, e. g., confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of data sensed and exchanged by ‘things’, unauthorized identification and tracking
    • While in many cases the security has been done as an add-on feature, it is the feeling that the public acceptance for the internet of things will happen only when the strong security solutions are in place [2].
    • Need to collect, use, process data. At the same time need to protect, hide and control
      • Policy enforcement
    • Need to protect IoT equipped critical infrastructure (network becomes national security domain)


    • Mostly lack resources (processing capability, energy etc.)


[1] International Telecommunication Union. The Internet of Things. ITU Report, Nov. 2005.

[2] Internet of Things in 2020 ROADMAP FOR THE FUTURE INFSO D.4 NETWORKED ENTERPRISE & RFID INFSO G.2 MICRO & NANOSYSTEMS in co-operation with the WORKING GROUP RFID OF THE ETP EPOSS Version 1.1 - 27 May, 2008