Rotary International Knowledge Portal Apr2021

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Rotary International Knowledge Portal Apr2021

Title Rotary International Knowledge Portal_Apr2021
Date, Time 2021/04/26, 1900-2000
Contact Person Bjørn S. Bay
Participants Josef.Noll, Bjørn S. Bay, Asle K. Berger, Bjørn Aulie, Rune Lægreid
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Rotary International Knowledge Portal
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  • Get Rotary Norway involved

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Rotary International Knowledge Portal Apr2021
Josef Noll 26 April 2021 Rotary International Knowledge Portal

Topics of discussion (Q&A)

Some of the topics being discussed after the presentation

Q: Can you summarise your three main topics?

A: yes, focus is on 1) the promotion of access to information on the Internet is a human right, and should be free of charge for every single human being
2) we support communities and provide access at places that are left behind, or to people who are left out from the digital society, and
3) we invite for an alliance on providing trustworthy information, and envision that Rotary helps us in this step

Q: How do you want to reach out to everyone? It's a huge ambition that Basic Internet has.

A: Yes, it is a huge ambition. But we have grown from one project to have communities in 10 countries in Africa. It's all about getting the vision out, and involve the right people.

Q: Is your focus on business opportunities or on development aid?

A: The focus is on creating resilient communities, where people find the opportunity to work. Thus, it's about knowledge for job creation. Given the tremendous advances in IT like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, the challenge to find decent work for those not being part of the digital community is enourmous.

Q: Why do you focus on health?

A: We have seen two advances in promoting health information, (i) the acceptance for reaching out to everyone in the society, and (ii) the uptake of digital skills (digital literacy) through digital health promotion. Health information is seen as a non-political topic, and most countries encourage health information for every single person, regardless of gender, race or religion. The content of health messages is subject of national approval, as we have done for the health videos/animations at

Q: You mentioned that everyone should have access. But even in Norway you find people who don't have access. What do you suggest?

A: We see that a purely commercial approach leaves people behind. Thus, it needs collaboration and community help. Our solution is applicable in Norway too. As an example, the municipality in Hvaler has decided that every hut shall be connected to fibre. An open question: Why don't we have the regulation that every mobile tower also supports a public/private fixed-wireless access, and every household can connect through an external antenna to the tower? Furthermore, we suggest to establish social tariffs in each coverage area, being a base connectivity of e.g. 10 Mbit/s for 10 €/month.