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Sikker og trygg samhandling i tingenes internett

JU ECSEL prosjekt SCOTT- Norsk bidrag

Objective of SCOTT

Creating trust in wireless solutions and increasing their social acceptance are major challenges to achieve the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, SCOTT – Secure COnnected Trustable Things, a pan-European effort with 57 key partners from 12 countries (EU and Brazil), will provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of wireless, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability (Technology Readiness Level 6-7) to bridge the last mile to market implementation. SCOTT will not just deal with 'things that are connected', but with 'trustable things that securely communicate', i.e. things interconnected by dependable wireless technology and valuing the end-users' privacy rules.

SCOTT will focus on wireless sensor and actuator networks and communication in the areas of mobility, building & home / smart infrastructure as well as health. This addresses numerous European societal challenges such as smart, green and integrated transport, secure and inclusive societies as well as health and wellbeing. SCOTT will enable efficient, trustworthy connectivity and facilitate ubiquity of intelligent embedded systems and systems of systems, thus essentially contributing to burning issues in Automated Vehicles, Industry 4.0, et

SCOTT - Providing comprehensive, trustable wireless connectivity

SCOTT uses a standardized multi-domain reference architecture, created in a predecessor project (DEWI and its “Bubble concept”) and being fully compliant with ISO 29182 - Sensor Network Reference Architecture, which fosters reusability, scalability, and interoperability of SCOTT solutions. SCOTT also utilizes a clearly use-case driven approach with 15 use cases from different areas of high relevance to European society and industry; a specific focus will be put on cross-domain use cases and heterogeneous environments, emphasizing 5G and cloud computing aspects to build up digital ecosystems to achieve a broader market penetration.


  • 3 years project, financed in part by JU ECSEL and NFR, EU-Commission Contract 737422
  • 57 partners from 12 countries
  • total budget of 39.7 M€, with EU support of 10.5 M€ and national support of 12.5 M€

Norwegian contribution to SCOTT

From Norway 8 partners participate:

  • Eye Networks with their EyeSaaS Cloud, focussing on managed Wifi for trustable services;
  • HiOA with their expertise on networking, security, and IoT;
  • Movation with their innovation ecosystem, focussing on technology outview and start-up opportunities;
  • NCE Smart, represented by Smart Innovation Østfold, focussing on applicability for the Norwegian Smart Grid Security Centre
  • Telenor with their mobile network connecting the distributed cloud and focus on adaptable network slicing for secure and trusted IoT communications
  • TellU with TelluCloud, their technology platform for data gathering, processing and presentation, focussing on applicability in domains of assisted living, e-health and personnel safety;
  • UiO with their methodologies for measurable security and privacy, focussing on privacy labelling and quantifiable security for IoT systems;
  • Wolffia with their industrial messaging system, focussing one security in adaptable networks.

More information and contacts

Please feel free to contact the project partners