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T8.2 - Service enabling through SW routing

Task Title Service enabling through SW routing
Lead partner Telenor
Leader Do van Thanh
Contributors Telenor, CISC, EyeSaaS, SmartIO, UiO, HiOA, Wolffia
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This task will provide the routing extensions needed to enable upcoming services, e.g. voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) or specific IoT routing. Adaptable network slicing or application-specific routing are two expressions of functionality being required for service quality of future services. The task will also handle the extension of Bubbles to the Cloud. The task contains

  • Work on adopting the techniques of distributed cloud computing that are developed in the Technology Line WPs in the bubble concept
  • Use the network slicing concept and cloud technologies developed in the “adaptable network slicing” building block to separate and create different bubbles for different domains and applications. A network slice shall encompass different access technologies like WLAN, LTE, future access technologies, etc.
  • Adopting techniques from the area of software-defined networking (SDN) to the bubble concept. This will allow to remotely and independently configure bubbles wrt. their intended use, e.g., some privacy restrictions need to be enabled on a health bubble, whereas other safety restrictions apply to a car bubble or a home security bubble. EyeSaaS, the lead of this WP, has particular knowledge in this area.
  • Implement secure wireless confined transmission inside the bubble. Work will be carried in collaboration with the Technology Line WPs so to adopt an energy efficient technology. We will also work on security mechanisms to provide confidentiality of the data from the outside of the bubble.
  • Open access for basic information (BasicInternet). Work out the specifications and functional requirements for bubbles to provide open and basic information access. Such basic access could be used by guest systems like IoT devices that need limited connection to their home vendor system to, e.g., configure or transmit technical status, which is usually used for maintenance or diagnostics purposes.

Deliverables in T8.2 - Service enabling through SW routing

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