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What we need to do

  • Meeting report by the attended SCOTT NO partner for the others to follow (a table with a link to the meeting in SharePoint)
  • Making Special:FormEdit/Phone_SCOTT
  • Main tasks of each partner in SPs
  • Activities and practical suggestions in each BB or the form (To refer all the related UCs and WPs to it)
  • establish Tasks for all WPs - HiOA?
  • establish the reporting duties/workflow (monthly reports, ....)
  • Adding information of involved students in each BB to manage capabilities
  • Show presentation at meetings: Note: Presentation form does not work
  • Fill the WP leaders based on ( page 3
  • ...


  • SCOTT:Semantic structure with links on how to create the Tasks, Deliverables, Building Blocks and Work items
  • done - UiO Pre-financing - please check data and fill out IBAN/BIC - DEADLINE, Monday 2017-06-19
  • done - list of "our deliverables", see also [[SCOTT:Factpage]
  • done - list of "Building Blocks", see also SCOTT:Building_blocks
  • done - update all Workpackages with respect to the new "Work package" form
  • done - Internal money - left in owncloud
  • done - Responsibilities Per NO partners (Footer)
  • ...

SCOTT-Norway contribution SP1 og SP2