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Title SESA:WP2-Nov2021
Date, Time 2021/11/03, 0900-1200
Contact Person Wessam9555
Participants Wessam9555, Jonathan Muringani
related to Project SESA
Keywords Capacity tools, Regional trainings, Global trainings, Community of practice, e-learning
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ICLEI Africa will be leading this Work Package in collaboration with five other Task Leader Partners as follows:

  1. Building SESA’s capacity development framework (ICLEI AS)
  2. Capacity tools and methodologies (UNHABITAT)
  3. Peer to peer exchange (ICLEI ES)
  4. Regional trainings and capacity building centers (AAMUSTED)
  5. Global trainings, Community of practice, e-learning (UNEP)


Each WP2 Task Leader presented a 15 minutes introductory presentation covering:
  1. Objective of their respective task
  2. Outline of the steps involved to achieve the tasks, and timeline (Include leave time over the holidays and deliverables that may be affected)
  3. The envisioned role each partner will have collaborating on the task with other task leaders
  4. Potential synergies with other Work Packages
end of the meeting