SICS Security Seminar 2014


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SICS Security Seminar 2014

Title SICS Security Seminar 2014
Place Nordic Forum
Date, Time 2014/04/08, 0900-1600
Contact Person Christian Gehrmann
Participants Andreas Schaad, Mudassar Aslam, Nicolae Paladi, Göran Selander, Josef Noll, Oliver Schwarz, Robert Malmgren, Mathias Ekstedt, Gunnar Björkman, Esmiralda Moradian, Anders Hansson, Nils Daniels, Gunnar Björkman, Ross Tsagalidis, Staffan Persson
related to Project NSHIELD
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0900 Introduction - Christian Gehrmann (SICS)
09.10 Observations on the Industrial Implementation of an Encrypted Searchable Cloud Database - Andreas Schaad (SAP)
10.10 Realizing Trusted Clouds with Trusted Computing and SCAP - Mudassar Aslam (SICS)
10.40 Break
11.00 Overview of Security Issues in Public Cloud Platforms - Nicolae Paladi (SICS)
11.30 Measurable Security for Sensors - the Driver for Innovation - Josef Noll (Univ. of Oslo & Moviation)
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Internet of Things Security Standardisation - Göran Selander (Ericsson)
13.45 Formal Verification of a Tiny Separation Kernel - Oliver Schwarz (SICS)
14.15 Smartgrid: Security Challenges - Legacy and Infrastructure Burdens - Robert Malmgren (Romab)
14.45 Break
15.00 Assessment of Cyber Security of Enterprise-Wide Architectures - Mathias Ekstedt (KTH)
15.30 Smart Grid Security - Gunnar Björkman (ABB Germany)


Josef had disscussions with

  • Esmiralda on flow sequences for security
  • Mathias on the knowledge representation when providing results the security analysis
  • Gunnar on challenges in the energy networks and the modellling of security
  • Staffan on how to communicate security
  • Ross on topics for students with specific examples from industries
  • Nils on their approach in access of security
  • Anders on security developments in the car industry