SchoolConnectivity TZ 8Apr2021

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SchoolConnectivity TZ 8Apr2021

Title School Connectivity TZ 8Apr2021
Date, Time 2021/04/08, 1400-1500
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo
Participants Josef.Noll, Rosalynn Mworia, Catherine R. Kimambo, Sandra Oswald, Salome Mtali
related to Project School Connectivity TZ, BasicInternet
Keywords School Connectivity
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Provide the status for the School Connectivity project in Tanzania and discuss follow-up.

  • 10 schools in 10 areas connected
  • Excellent cooperation with local governments
  • Good synergy between Vodacom Education portal and local content

Lessons learned

  • How can we "top-up" when more than 10 GB is needed?
    A: Vodacom will open for a B2B contract, needs further discussion
  • educational funds assigned to every school, supporting the installation
  • Students will learn something valuable

Best praxis

  • digital friends, local NGOs assist
  • learning content, made available offline
  • restricting sites that can be visited by the students and teachers
  • diret involement of local government through TAMISEMI


  • network fluctuation in completely isolated areas - example: Simanjiro (Emboreet secondary school)
    A: The 3G network is
  • lack of digital skills to non-IT teachers

Wishes from the schools and follow up:

  • learning platform with teach involvement: teachers can download and make available for all children
  • voucher for e.g. 1h, 4h, 24h access of teachers to the Internet (see BasicInternet:Voucher_Platform)
  • top-up for schools
  • business model for "wholesale", e.g. 10 SIM cards and 100 GB
  • Reporting back from operators on usage in schools
  • Applicability for Affordable Access in institutions such as schools, hospitals and communities
  • Measuring the usage in the apps (Shuledirect, Vodacom Portal, Internet Lite)
  • Scalability to 1000 and 5000 schools

Vodacom recommendations

  • B2B contact (regional, national governments)

Contributing to Digitising Tanzania (MCIT)

1) increasing from 45% to 69% (end 2021) to 80% broadband coverage (Vodacom) - MCIT 100% by 2030
2) education: health - network agnostic access to education content on Vodacom platform

Vodacom Foundation:

  • health education - open funds - maternal health programme
  • business model for wholesale (B2B)
  • MoH platform: 100, 80, 50% finance support of subscription for health spots
  • UCSAF: TZS 130 million/site to upgrade areas to mobile broadband

Way ahead and next steps

Way ahead

  • Follow-up meeting on 29Apr2021, 1400-1500h CEST (1500-1600h TZ time)
  • Inputs for Vodacom strategy

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SchoolConnectivity TZ 8Apr2021
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