Simulation of subsea communication networks


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Simulation of subsea communication networks

by Håvard Austad
Supervisor(s) Roald Otnes, Josef Noll
Due date 2014/01/05
Status Finished
Problem description: FFI is involved in a research project focusing on robust acoustic communication in underwater networks. The goal of the project is to establish an simulation tool for acoustical subsea communication, using four selected scenarios as target cases for demonstration.

Initial work is already performed and has indicated a set of protocols, parameters and models for subsea communication. First results indicate that a more-in-depth study is needed in order to

  • identify the focus parameters to be addressed through simulations
  • establish new simulations addressing the focus parameters
  • evaluate the evaluations with respect to a.o. applicability and accuracy for the selected scenarios
  • revisit the protocols and parameters to aim for enhanced performance

The main outcome of the thesis shall address the different network protocols for the various scenarios, and simulate the sensitivity of the parameters. Given the ongoing plans for real-life measurements, the study shall also address a comparison of the simulations with these measurements.

Methods and Tools: The tools and methods in this thesis are based on
  • One or more scenarios describing the challenges, here: subsea communication
  • A list of requirements being extracted from the scenarios
  • A description and evaluation of subsea communication algorithms being candidates for solutions
  • An implementation of selected algorithms
  • An evaluation of the algorithms, including
    • establish evaluation criteria based on the recommendations from the scenario
    • a critical review of the algorithms, including a sensitivity analysis
    • a revisit of the process leading to the selection and implementation of the algorithms
  • Conclusions
  • References
Time schedule The envisaged time schedule (for a long thesis/60 ECTS) is:
T0 0 starting month, T0+m denotes the month where the contribution to a certain chapter shalle be finalized
T0+2 months: create an initial page describing the scenario
T0+3: Provide a list of technologies which you think are necessary for the thesis
T0+4: Establish the table of content (TOC) of the envisaged thesis. Each section shall contain 3-10 keywords describing the content of that section
T0+7: Provide a draft of section 2 (scenario) and 3 (technologies)
T0+10: Establish a draft on what to implement/architecture
T0+11: Set-up an implementation, testing and evaluation plan
T0+15: Evaluate your solution based on a set of parameters, keep in mind there is no such thing as a free lunch
T0+17: Deliver the thesis
Pre-Knowledge This thesis includes a reasonable amount of programming. The envisaged thesis is based on radio communications, thus expects the user to have followed at least two radio-related courses
Approved Approved by
Keywords subsea, Sensor Networks, Communications

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The thesis is finished