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Homework: Preparation of your assignment- Homework: Preparation of your assignment
IP Mobility and ScenarioIP Mobility and Scenario discussion
Idea discussion of 2nd assignmentIdea discussion of 2nd assignment
Ideas for context-aware developmentsIdeas for context-aware developments
Implementation Cost231 modelsImplementation of Cost231 propagation models
Implementation Semantic ApplicationImplementation Semantic Application
Implementation evaluation of Cost 231 WI modelImplementation of COST231 WI model
Individual review/Oral examIndividual review/Oral exam
Interference level and modellingInterference level, and Exam
Key distribution and user authenticationKey distribution and user authentication
MANET, Multi-homing and Simulation of handoverMANET, Multi-homing and Simulation of handover
Managed Wifi AccessManaged Wifi Access
Managed Wireless for Internet and IoTManaged Wireless for Internet and IoT
Mid-term evaluationMid-term evaluation
Mid4700Mid-term evaluation
Mobile BroadbandMobile Broadband
Mobile Broadband-IMobile Broadband-I
Mobile Broadband-IIMobile Broadband-II
Mobile Communications - IntroductionMobile Communications - Introduction
Mobile Communications- Network Architecture and FunctionalityMobile Communications- Network Architecture and Functionality
Mobile IP and Patch AntennasMobile IP and Patch Antennas
Mobile IPv4 v6Mobile IPv4 and v6
Mobile Network ChallengesMobile Network Challegnes
Mobile evolution 5G (B6,D4,F1)Mobile Systems, LTE and beyond
Mobile network securityMobile network security
Mobile network security S11Mobile network security S11
Mobility and Handover in mobile systemsMobility & Handover in mobile systems
Mobility in heterogeneous networks (E1)Mobility heterogeneous networks (E1)
Modelling your own ontology - 2013Modelling your own ontology
More info to come ....more info to come ....
Multiple AccessMultiple Access
Near Field Communication,Bluetooth, ZigBee and ANT+Near Field Communication, Bluetooth, ZigBee & ANT+
Pellets-based reasoningPellets-based reasoning
Pellets-based reasoning IIPellets-based reasoning II
Policies and Semantic Web Rules in PractisePolicies and Semantic Web Rules in Practise
Prepare for Reasoning with SWRLPrepare for Reasoning with SWRL
Project PresentationProject Presentation - 2
Project Presentations - 1Project Presentations - 1
Propagation Characteristics of Wireless Channel-IPropagation Characteristics of Wireless Channel-I
Propagation Characteristics of Wireless Channel-IIPropagation Characteristics of Wireless Channel-II
Propagation Characteristics of Wireless ChannelsPropagation Characteristics of Wireless Channels
Propagation Models and Free InternetPropagation Models and Free Internet
Protocol securityProtocol security
Public HolidaysPublic Holidays
Public-key cryptographyPublic-key cryptography
Radio propagation and free space attenuationRadio propagation - II
Radio propagation equation (A4,B1)Radio propagation for mobile and wireless communications
Refarming and the challenges of Mobile CommunicationsRefarming and other challenges for Mobile Communications
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