Tanzania School of Community Networks 2022

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Tanzania School of Community Networks 2022

Title Third Edition of Tanzania School of Community Networks
Place KasuluMotel@TZ
Date, Time 2022/11/02, 1-2Nov2022
Contact Person Matogoro Jabhera
Participants Josef.Noll, Catherine R. Kimambo
related to Project BasicInternet
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Agenda 1Nov2022

09:00 Course Content
Inauguration of Kasulu Community Telecentre - Joseph Kashushura (Rwiza, DED)
Official Opening of Third Edition of Tanzania School of Community Networks
Issuing of Certificate of Appreciation for Best Worker at Tanzania Community Networks Alliance
1030 Corporate Governance for CN – Business Development Services and Business Model Canvas for CN - Mosha Stanley
1100 Role of Digital Literacy in Addressing Mobile Internet Usage Gap in Tanzania - Adam B. Mtaho
1200 Relevant Contents and Technologies for Schools- Martin Rainsford
1230 Addressing the Usage Gap in Tanzania - Jabhera Matogoro
1400 Establishing Continuity of Community Networks through Sustainable Strategies in Africa - Catherine Kyalo (KICTANet)
Personal Branding, Digital Footprint, Content Creation for Social Media - Dorice Kaijage (Omaka Hub)
Towards an Enabling Policy and Regulatory Environments for Complementary Access Networks - Josephine Miliza (APC)

Agenda 2Nov2022

Thumb Title Author Date Keywords
Partnership for Digital Inclusion.png Sustainable Internet Connectivity Approaches
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Tanzania School of Community Networks 2022
Josef Noll 2 November 2022 Internet lite, NRENs

0830 Community Networks in Tanzania: Achievement and Challenges- Silesi Malli (Kasulu CN), Gamisi Nsiko (Tarime CN)
0900 Unique Internet Identifiers for Africa Region: Distributions and Optimization - AFRINIC
1030 Bridging the Digital Divide between Schools and Communities in Africa: Teaching Aids with 3D Printers - Said S. Hozza
1100 Sustainable Internet Connectivity Approaches for Communities, Schools, and Healthcare Facilities in the 21st Century - Josef Noll, Catherine Kimambo
1130 Managing Stress and Mental Health - Vannesser Amada
1200 Universal Communication Service Access Funds and Teacher’s Training: Digital Skills and Literacy- John Munkondya
1230 Community Networks in Tanzania: Achievement and Challenges - Patrick Kossima (Nyasa CN), Salama Juma (Kondoa CN)
1400 Does a Rapid Technological Growth Go Hand-in-Hand with Knowledge to Use - Elizabeth James
1430 Access to Sustainable Devices for Schools and Communities - Ngugi Peter
1500 The Role of Cooperative Society as a tool for economic empowerment - Deputy Registrar
1530 CN Content Management and Role of Graphics Design - - Mgolozi Peresi, Thomas Tito
1600 Closure and Issuing Certificates
Launching of Tarime Community Networks Website
Issuing Certificate of Recognition