Technical Config InfoSpots TZ Jun2021

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Technical Config InfoSpots TZ Jun2021

Title Technical_Config_InfoSpots_TZ_Jun2021
Date, Time 2021/06/10, 1300-1400h TZ time
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo
Participants Josef.Noll, Nazar Nicholas, Kennedy Greyson, Johnson Dickson, Catherine R. Kimambo
related to Project School Connectivity TZ, BasicInternet
Keywords School Connectivity
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Purpose and Agreements

We agreed to establish the knowledge centre for digital inclusion with the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) and corresponding Centres of ICT. This includes the following steps

  • Equipment for building InfoSpots will directly be shipped to DIT
  • DIT will configure the equipment, based on support and information from the Basic Internet Foundation.
  • DIT together with Basic Internet Foundation will assist with technical issues that will be connected to School connectivity and together create systems that will make technology adoption easier in the project.
  • DIT will also support ISOC TZ in connecting the 5 schools for which ISOC TZ has received equipment, and be the technology partner in TZ for further scale up of e.g. the School_Connectivity_TZ

Action Items