UNIK4710 UNIK9710 Block Seminar

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UNIK4710 UNIK9710 Block Seminar

Course UNIK4710, UNIK9710
Title UNIK4710_UNIK9710_Block_Seminar
Lecture date 2014/03/20 -21Mar2014
presented by Josef Noll
Objective Hands-on experiences with your ontoogies
Learning outcomes During this two days seminar we will
  • present details of our work to colleagues
  • present a specific topics of Semantic Technologies
  • exchange experiences with ontology tools
Pensum (read before) # Prepare a detailed presentation of your scenario
  1. implement the classes and individuals
  2. describe your rules, looking for applicability on "high-level" classes

Prepare the presentation of the specific topic on Semantic Technologies

References (further info)
Keywords Scenario

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AgendaUNIK4710 block seminar 2014.png

We'll start around 10:30 on Thursday 20Mar2014, finish around 17:00h with a common Pizza, and continue on Friday 21Mar2014 from 0900-lunch

  • Thursday 20Mar2014 (Meeting room 308 from 10:30-16:00
  • Friday 21Mar2014 (Meeting room 308 from 10:30-15:00h


  • present your classes and rules (everyone)
  • discuss implementation issues of your classes
  • learn about and apply rules (in OWL 4.3 using the SPQRL standard) -
  • discuss a common context model - delayed


  1. Class

Thursday, 20Mar2014

Start: 10:30