Univ Western Cape-UiO-BasicInternet-Sana Nov2020

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Univ Western Cape-UiO-BasicInternet-Sana Nov2020

Title Univ_Western_Cape-UiO-BasicInternet-Sana_Nov2020
Place Zoom.us
Date, Time 2020/11/06, 1200-1300
Contact Person Sanjay Maharaj
Participants Sanjay Maharaj, Josef Noll, Vivienne Lawack
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Digital Inclusion, Digital Health Promotion, Education 5.0, Higher Education, Freemium Access
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The basis for the meeting was the common interest to address digital inclusion as the basis for development. From the list of presentations by Josef_Noll#tab=Presentations
, we selected 6G and the SDGs as an entry for the discussion: Media:202010_6G_and_SDGs_WWRF_Noll.pdf

Conclusions and way ahead

Way ahead, start with MoU

  • from (1) digital inclusion
  • to (2) access to education
  • potentially realised through (3) postal services
  • leading to (4) digital health, financial inclusion and societal empowerment

We see the University collaboration as a starting point for a broader coalition for digital inclusion

  • Take up the results from the meeting at the Dutch Embassy on digital inclusion and contribute to scale up the activity
  • Discuss the National_Knowledge_Portal as an entry point for value creation in countries

Action Items

  • Sanjay to establish MoU with UWC
  • Vivian to invite to Equals Group for Women Empowerment in the Digital Age