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Business aspects of user-driven mobile networks in emerging economies

by Guy.Kamanda
Supervisor(s) Josef.Noll, Vidar.Sannerhaugen, Mushfiq.Chowdhury
Due date 2012/12/17
Problem description: Envisage the
Methods and Tools:
Time schedule
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Keywords mobile networks, ad-hoc, business, user-driven, emerging economy, Africa, Congo

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Nest steps

  • Meeting 11. april 2011, 13:30-14:30


For a general description of a thesis, have a look at:


  • 26. april
    • writing of chapters (concept and motivation)
    • network infrastructure, structure and description of bakbone network (hybrid: satellite, direct links (NERA: 240 km digital link with 32 Mbps)) and local distribution

Notes of the meeting:

I propose the TOC. Josef suggested that I insert a concluding remarks in each chapter. In the introduction I have to isolate the point, my conclusion, then move forward through the different chapters to demonstrate or reach the tacite conclusion already mentionned in the introduction. In writting the concept and motivation I will then make the introduction of my postulat and business philosophy. The other paragraphes will frame and support the philosophy.

  • 2. April - Table of Content (TOC)
    • n done


  • summary at the end of each section
  • last mile communication as part of a business approach (first: business considerations, then as a conclusion: distance requirements)
  • 2. April - Support platform for AAA
    • Scenario: services for the user in the emerging economies
    • Vision for the network - Network concepts
  • xxx - list of technologies to investigate (principle knowledge)
    • backbone networks: WiMAX (802.16), Satellite, (fiber)
    • ad-hoc, mesh-networks, ....
    • user access: 802.11, FemtoCell, LTE, WiMAX, (not considered: 802.20),
  • 16. April - identify opportunities for "user-driven" business
    • apps for mobile phones (ProSumers are Consumers which are also Producers)
    • ....
  • xxx - Vision of a user-driven network
    • Support of pre-commercial equipment for network

Technology discussion

Collaborative Networks

  • networks working together (minimize interference from neighbour cells)
  • sharing of infrastructure

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