Video conference


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Video conference

Start Video Conference at ITS


  • start video conference: press button "start videoconf"
  • Unik/SmartBoard 1 with PC-S1, Unik/SmartBoard 2 with PC-S2, "Innhold" with PC-Unik/SC1, Kamera bak
  • Change the camera position by pressing the "Far End" button on the remote control (Tandberg), and then use 1-4 to choose camera position. Alternatively press Unik/SB1, Unik/SB2, or PC in the lower area of the Creston control pad
  • See figure for videoconf from Bergen: Smartboard 1 = Kamera, Smartboard 2 = PC S1, LCD bak: Videokonferanse
  • IP 401:, IP 301 xxx.18; the server is now reachable


  • Preset 1 - zooms on screen 1
  • Preset 2 - zooms on screen 2
  • Preset 3 - zooms on both screens

At Ifi, see How_to_VideoCall_ITS

In room 401

Start Videokonf

  • Start Videoconf
  • Windows MediaEncoder:
    • cancel "new session"
    • File = e:/test/Mediaencoder-forelesning (på e:/test)

Connect to ITS

at Ifi, UiO. Møterom Scheme

Møterom Scheme GA06 1251 has equipment for joining UNIK lectures

Setting up

  • Call UNIK at room IP 301: IP adresse; room 401:, room 308b with IP
  • able to send either camera or content (both following Content:Videokonferanse bildet
  • Instillinger: Source with either camera or content (inhold) -Warning: change to PC freezes picture

Home connectivity

Update Jun2013

Polycom Real Presence Mobile 3.0 is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Josef Noll testing Polycom Real Presence with room 301 at UNIK